How It Works

By partnering with us, you are taking a huge step towards providing greater job security to your valuable employees.

Not only are you reducing your overhead during slow seasons by loaning out members of your highly trained staff on a temporary basis, you are also gaining access to a database of highly skilled professionals that can be hired by your company as needed.


Become a Peer

When you become an IQX member - or "Peer" - a world of possibilities opens up. If you are in need of qualified short-term personnel, you'll find them here. If you have experienced employees facing a layoff due to a work shortage, you can help place them temporarily with a guarantee of their return. Different subscription levels offer a variety of service packages, each reducing your risk while increasing productivity for all involved parties.

Make a Connection

Peers communicate on a number of levels at IQX, making connections and placing or hiring idle employees. It's all secure. IQX provides the secure platform, enabling our members to negotiate talent transactions, fully vetting candidates and providing a simplistic means to manage the process. The pool of candidates is deep and wide, with an ever-evolving group of qualified and eager talent.

Seal the Deal

Once you’ve made a connection, it's time to exchange your human capital and put them to work. And once the talent transaction is fulfilled, you might choose to extend the agreement or look for additional skillsets. It can all happen at IQX.

Talent Certification

Companies certify their employees' talent and experiences when listing them in IQ Exchange. You contact like-minded companies with idle employees, hire them short-term. They keep working; you fulfill your contract and keep costs low. Companies and employees both win.

"For over 30 years I have partnered with line managers to address the issue of maintaining coveted talent during periods of reduced / slow contract funding, while avoiding downsizing or other reductions. Companies using IQX quickly realize the benefit of keeping trained and valuable talent close, engaged, and “covered” during challenging periods. The individual maintains close ties / loyalty to the parent company, the gaining company obtains the talent needed to fulfill their short-term needs, and both companies achieve new levels of cooperation and understanding - without compromising proprietary information. IQX provides a Win-Win solution to meet challenges of dynamic and changing labor management scenarios."

- Executive VP for HR, Logistics Services Company

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