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Launched in December 2015, IQ Exchange (IQX) provides a Trusted Workforce On-Demand (TWO-D) to our member companies.

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Welcome to IQ Exchange. IQ Exchange provides a trusted marketplace, where our members find or loan skilled talent in a predictable, streamlined fashion.

At IQ Exchange, we assist members in protecting their investment in critical talent by providing talent management solutions through trusted exchanges offering developmental opportunities.

Through our rapid acquisition process, members can increase profitability, reduce operational risks, increase their employee retention and satisfaction, and meet their production goals by leveraging IQ Exchange in their talent management plan.


Our mission at IQ Exchange is to provide our customer companies with a secure and easy means to connect their human resources departments with those of other companies. This allows companies with under-utilized staff to loan out their employees on a temporary basis during slow seasons, while allowing companies with immediate or temporary needs to borrow highly-skilled, valuable talent quickly. We create this connection through our secure forum so companies may search or post openings for specialized positions. This system of temporary employee exchanges helps to increase profits and productivity, and improve job security.

Success Stories

Preparing for reduced government spending and reduced opportunities for competing and winning new contracts is a challenge most businesses will face in the coming years. IQ Exchange™ (IQX™) provides companies the competitive advantage for temporarily employing resources during non-billable periods. This enables companies to maintain valuable human capital while increasing profitability.

Companies often hire employees for specific project positions. These employees often remain in these positions throughout the duration of the project causing stagnation and lower employee satisfaction. IQX offers our member companies the ability to provide training and development assignments with other peer companies on an exchange basis. We are committed to helping you retain your best and brightest.

Large companies have difficulty in finding quality small businesses to better meet small business quotas. IQX enables our member companies to search for critical skills within our exchange.

IQ Exchange assists small businesses with finding other small businesses capable of building strong, qualified teams for competing in new government procurements. Whether searching or offering highly skilled employees through the exchange, IQX helps member businesses with finding the right talent.

"IQ Exchange has hit on a key niche in the HR marketplace. Their exchange platform closes the trust divide, reduces turnover costs, and allows us to deliver better and more cost effective services to our customers. We can keep our highest quality of staff engaged with trusted, pre-negotiated relationships that reduce cannibalization while also improving our risk profile as we leverage resources from business partners in the exchange. Welcome to just-in-time, trusted human capital exchange."

- CEO, IT Services Company

"IQ Exchange is the answer to every company’s needs in protecting their greatest assets…their people. The IQX model allows an employee-focused company to retain their intellectual capital, while continuing to provide the employee with training, an engaging work experience, AND keep them employed during any market turn."

- HR Director, Technology Company